Temple lds || How did Mata Santoshi incarnate, what is her relationship with Rakshabandhan, the festival of siblings

It is believed that Lord Ganesha has two sons, whose names are Shubh and Labh. But in many places it is also believed that Maa Santoshi is the daughter of Lord Ganesha. It is not so that Ganesha had manifested her with his will power and considered her as his daughter.Temple lds

Ganesha himself was also born by the will power of Mother Parvati. Mata Santoshi is considered a symbol of love, satisfaction, forgiveness, happiness and hope. It is believed that worshiping Mata Santoshi for 16 consecutive Fridays brings peace and prosperity in the lives of the devotees. Mata Santoshi is also considered an incarnation of Maa Durga.

There is no clear mention of this story in the mythological texts. On the basis of beliefs, it is said that along with two sons of Lord Ganesha, there was also a daughter whose name was Maa Santoshi.

Lord Shri Ganesha had two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi, from whom he had two sons, Shubh and Labh. It is believed that Lord Shri Ganesha was tying Raksha Sutra to his sister Ashok Sundari. During this both his sons Shubh and Labh were playing in the same courtyard. When he saw his aunt tying a thread on the wrist of father Ganesha, he asked her the secret.

On this, Ganesh ji told him the importance of Raksha Bandhan and also narrated the story. Then the sons of Ganesha said, we want our sister too, why is she nowhere

Temple lds

By saying this, Shubh and Labh asked for their sister. Then Ganesh ji understood this stubbornness of his as a sign and invoked the power whose incarnation was necessary for the welfare of the world. By the grace of Goddess Durga a girl appeared there. He called Ganesha his father and asked the reason for his appearance. Ganesha said, from today you are my daughter and my sons were very happy with your appearance.

That’s why you will be known by the name of Santoshi Mata in the world. Mother Santoshi, the daughter of Lord Ganesha, tied rakhi to her brothers and since then she is giving boon of happiness and wealth to the world.Temple lds


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